WHITEHAVEN businesses have been given a helping hand as a videographer has created a social media promotions video. 

This is to help most independent businesses in the town and has been posted across Facebook in the run-up to Christmas. 

The video features stills and footage of some well-known shops in the town and encourages people to support local businesses. 

Gerard Richardson, who helped to organise the video, said: "It was offered to us by a professional videographer, it was post Covid and with all the trouble on the high street it was just a lovely gesture to help promote what's still there in the town. 

"When you see the shots of Flower Basket, Dixon's, Brooks', and other businesses you can we what we still do have left in Whitehaven. 

Whitehaven News: Jean's Flower Boutique Jean's Flower Boutique (Image: Supplied)

"For all people say that there is nothing left, once you have watched the video you wouldn't be able to repeat that, there are some nice shops here and I hope people come into town and support them. 

"The video has gathered a lot of attention so far, it was only posted this week and it's had around 600 views and 100 shares, I hope people continue to share it as well. 

"Any shops are businesses that would like to have a copy of the video to use themselves are welcome to come into my shop to get a digital copy. 

"I haven't had a chance to speak to the other businesses involved but I'm assuming they're all happy with it why wouldn't they be? 

Whitehaven News: Books inside Michael Moon's storeBooks inside Michael Moon's store (Image: Supplied)

"It's a really good video and it makes to make some of the shops look all the more enticing, particularly Michael Moon's and Dixon's. 

"Despite some shops closing I think that there is still a strength in the high street and we're getting recognition from the public that they value the high street. 

"Christmas has always been well supported, as has other smaller events like Mothers' Day and Fathers' Day."