Muncaster Castle has now finished its official open season for the year. 

The castle has been fully open since March and finished its run at the end of the October half term. 

This was the first year that Ewan Frost-Pennington was managing operations at Muncaster, and he says that it has been very successful. 

The castle will still be open on weekends in until Christmas when it will close in January and reopen for the February half-term, with major events starting again in March 2024. 

Mr Frost-Pennington said: "This has been the first ever year where I've been calling the shots with what's happening on the tourism side. 

"It's been really exciting as I've been able to bring back the Sausage Festival, add in Drag-Caster, change how we did Medieval Muncaster and make that a serious festival, and expand Krankenhaus and Race the Tide. 

"With a lot of the events we've been able to do them a lot better than we have done in the past, which is exciting."

Ewan explained that their 'main offering' at Muncaster has continued to improve as ever. 

He says that they have specifically improved their bird shows by adding to their flying team, improving the gardens, and helping to improve their visitor number performance. 

He continued: "All in all I'm very happy and excited by how we've done, I think I personally have learned lots of difficult lessons. 

"I think it's inevitable when you are a young person stepping into something you've never done before that you will make mistakes. 

"I've taken some risks and had challenges associated with that, there's lots of things behind the scenes that I've learned and will continue to learn. 

"There are lots of mistakes that I want to resolve for next year and make Muncaster more relevant to the people in the local area."

Ewan says that he is really excited about next year and that he has introduced some new things to Muncaster Castle. 

He hopes that next season he will be able to make these things even better and attract a good number of people.