A DOCTOR has been ordered to keep his dog muzzled in public after the ‘dangerously out of control’ mastiff crossbreed bit a woman delivering flowers to his home.  

The victim had been making the delivery to the address of Dr Timothy Bloomer, 59, at Ennerdale Bridge on May 25. She opened the garden gate, and was in the process of shutting it when the front door of the property was opened, Workington Magistrates’ Court heard.

Pamela Fee, prosecuting, said Bloomer’s mastiff crossbreed, Zeus, growled at the victim before running towards her and biting her to the breast. The victim pushed the dog off her and it then bit her to the forearm.

The defendant grabbed hold of the dog. His wife took the victim into the house and offered to take her to A&E but she declined.

The bites resulted in ‘significant bruising’ which caused the victim discomfort. She attended A&E at the West Cumberland Hospital and was given a course of antibiotics and a tetanus injection.

A victim personal statement read to the court said the woman was still getting pain in her breast and felt self-conscious wearing a bikini on holiday.

She had increased anxiety about going to work and now looks out for signs indicating dogs are in properties she delivers to. She said she has anxiety when she sees dogs being walked in the street.

The victim had suffered an infection in her lymph nodes from the bite and had to be referred to a breast specialist.

The defendant was interviewed about the incident and admitted his dog had come out of his house and bitten the victim. He said it was an accident and described it as ‘two to three seconds of chaos’.

Mike Woolaghan, defending, said: “It was an unforeseen incident. He had been taken out of the property. Zeus was going to enjoy some fresh air. 

“The dog moved towards [the victim]. He got the dog under control. Both Dr Bloomer and his wife offered immediate assistance.

“He made full and frank admissions to the police. He expressed his regret and remorse – the devastation he feels at the consequences of what went on that afternoon.

“He’s a man of impeccable good character. It’s deeply regrettable he finds himself before the court today.”

Mr Woolaghan said a dog behaviour report had been carried out and Dr Bloomer had taken Zeus into his home from Dogs Trust.

The dog had been traumatized and Dr Bloomer had provided a safe, loving and caring environment for him, the court heard.

Mr Woolaghan said: “A lot of people who know Dr Bloomer and Zeus spoke very highly of the care and dedication of Dr Bloomer to Zeus.

“Dr Bloomer knows Zeus very well and doesn’t place him in situations where he is uncomfortable.

“Further warning signs have been installed around the property. He has taken Zeus to be assessed by a vet. He has started muzzle training. The risk of any further repeat of this incident has been removed.”

Bloomer, of Bridge End, Ennerdale, Cleator, pleaded guilty at an earlier date to being the owner of a dog dangerously out of control causing injury.

Magistrates deemed Bloomer to be a fit and proper person to keep animals. A contingent destruction order was imposed with conditions to ensure the dog is not a risk to public safety.

The dog must be securely fitted with a muzzle to prevent him biting any person and should be securely held on a multi-point harness by a person not less than 16 years old while out in public.

Bloomer was fined £553 and ordered to pay £85 costs and a £221 victim surcharge.