Joseph Edgar began an endeavour in 1919 which would flourish into a generations-long auto-dealing legacy, and unsurprisingly, the Edgar's also appear to be a talented family of racers.

Emerging from the aftermath of war, young Cpl Edgar returned to his native Rowrah fresh from service with the Engineering Corps.

He utilised his enterprising tenacity to lay the foundation of a business specialising in agricultural engineering and the repair of farming machinery.

As the years passed, Joseph recognised the need for a bigger space, and along with his son, Iredale, they designed a 'modern' workshop on the sloping land of Station Works.

As the workshop continued to thrive, ambitions of expansion began to stir within young Iredale, with visions of diversifying into automotive sales.

Fast-forwarding to now, J Edgar and Son occupies two sites - the Rowrah base and a new, purpose-built showroom at Dunmail Park in Workington.

Iredale's grandsons, Jason and Justin, following their mechanic apprenticeships, turned to the management side of the business.

The siblings took over the operations at Rowrah and Dunmail Park respectively, while their father Terry maintained his role as managing director.

Unwaveringly proud of their heritage and tradition of top-notch service, Terry said: "The name above the door hasn’t changed in 100 years and we take pride in that fact.

“Friendly knowledgeable sales executives, who are happy to advise on all aspects of car purchase, welcome customers through the doors, whilst well trained and highly motivated technicians working in the modern workshop facilities at Rowrah and Dunmail ensure that customers get the best possible service."

The Edgar family haven't limited their motor involvement to the showroom.

A shared love of motorsports has been cemented in the family.

Four generations of Edgars have been involved in the sport.

Iredale bought his first kart in 1960, and was instrumental in the formation of the West Cumberland Kart Club and the Rowrah Circuit.

Terry was the driver to beat on the circuit in the 1960s, even racing against his future wife Winnie.

After retiring in 1981 to help Jason and Justin prosper in their own karting careers, both boys were crowned British champions.

Today, the mantle has been picked up by Jason's son Jorge and daughter Jessica, as well as Justin's son Jonny.

Jessica has raced for Fortec Motorsport in the GB4 Championship, and has this year switched to the F1 Academy.

In the final F1 Academy Race in Austin, Texas, Jessica led from start to finish to claim her first win.

Jorge, age 12, is also one to watch, being a keen competitor in the British Kart Championship.

Jonny has shown a talent from an early age, starting at the age of three and competing from the age of seven.

He won the CIK-FIA Karting European Championship in 2017 and went on to race with the Red Bull Formula 3 team.

Despite taking time out for treatment for Crohn's Disease, Jonny is back behind the wheel for the Dutch Formula 3 MP, and won his maiden victory in Monza this year.

“It’s fantastic to see him back racing and he’s just as fit as he ever was,” said Justin. “We’re really looking forward to supporting the next generation in their own racing careers and seeing what the future holds.”