"Great Artists - Small Venue" is a social enterprise located in Ennerdale Bridge, and has been running music gigs since 2020.

They have been pleased and surprised to have attracted young volunteers to bring their enjoyment of technology to help with the staging of events. 

Upstairs@TheGather is a dedicated Arts Council "Small Music Venue" and was funded by them to equip itself with the latest in technologies.

These include lighting and sound systems, filming and streaming, and computer equipment.

Peter Maher, who organises the events, said: "At the very outset we had local young people who were interested in helping out. 

"They volunteered their time to learn to operate these technologies and to work with professional artists to meet their exacting performance standards.  

"So far we have had nine young people who have chosen to do that and three of them have gone on to University Courses to continue their interest in music and technology.

"Our current sound engineer, Harry Brown from Wigton, is studying IT at college but has developed his interest in this area and wins the praise of performers when he works with them."