A DEMONSTRATION has been held in Whitehaven in opposition to plans for a new coal mine. 

Activists from a number of different groups came together at the former Marchon site on Tuesday to share their views on plans for the new mine. 

The protest was held as a 'Speakers' Corner' advertised online as 'Stop The West Cumbria Coal Mine - No Time For A Coal Mine.'

The event saw a number of speakers share views relating to the environment, climate change, and the effects the proposed coal mine could have. 

The speakers on the day included Julia Steinberger, IPCC author/Scientist Rebellion, Izzie McIntosh from Global Justice Now!, Jo Alberti from Sustainable Keswick, Anne-Marie Williams from XR North Lakes, Anne Harris from Coal Action Network and Doug Maw from Animal Rising/Green Party. 

A spokesperson from Friends of the Earth, Cumbria, said on social media: "In recent weeks we've seen the UK's climate plans watered down for short-term political gain.

"So, it's important that we stand strong against climate-wrecking projects and fight for the future we all deserve - healthy communities, clean energy, and sustainable green jobs.

"More and more people are coming along to Speakers' Corner in Whitehaven each month to say: No time for a coal mine."

The event organisers encouraged people to bring banners and placards, attendees were also told to publicise the event themselves through social media. 

Mike Starkie, the former elected mayor of Copeland, said: "These people have no respect for the process this mine has gone through. 

"Everybody has had their opportunity, through a long and detailed process, to put the point of view forward.

"On every opportunity the mine has been given the go-ahead.

"If they were really concerned about climate change, they would be focusing their energy on places like Russia and China where the problem really lies, it is not in this country. 

"They are wasting time and getting in the way of getting these much-needed jobs into West Cumbria."