The Gather in Ennerdale is calling for artists and creatives to take part in an exhibition. 

The community venue in the Lakes offers a hub for residents and visitors to enjoy food, live music, art, and other things. 

They have a team of 50 volunteers who provide ideas and suggestions for new activities that The Gather can run. 

They have most recently decided to run an art exhibition due to the vandalism caused by the iconic sycamore tree in Northumberland. 

The tree was located at Hadrian's Wall and was described as one of the country's most iconic trees, in 1992 it was featured in the Hollywood blockbuster Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves. 

The tree was recently vandalised and sadly cut down, authorities are continuing to investigate what has happened. 

June Pearson, a volunteer at The Gather, said: "Because there is such a public outcry, we felt like we wanted to honour that and do something that would potentially contribute to replanting, or some kind of tree-based project.

"We had the idea of running an exhibition featuring people's artwork. It can be any form of art from sculptures to watercolour or acrylic. The art will then be shown in the community rooms upstairs."

The Gather decided that the project would run from the middle of January 2024 until the end of February. 

The upstairs space in the venue will be taken over with a full exhibition, but this will not just include the physical artwork. 

The team has decided to put an entire focus on the sycamore tree incident by hosting talks from speakers and hopefully involving local schools with workshops. 

Because so many people have been affected by what has happened The Gather has stressed that they would like to get the wider community involved. 

They are hoping that any money raised from the exhibition will be put to use within the county, something that they believe is vital. 

The deadline for artwork to be submitted is January 10, 2024, which will give the volunteers time to curate and display pieces.