The Gather in Ennerdale has been presenting live music shows since March 2020. 

Chris Cleverley is set to perform at The Gather in a gig which will be streamed online on Saturday, October 21. 

Birmingham-based Chris has a fan base across the UK.  He was recently interviewed on BBC Radio Cumbria with Tom Salmon where he talked about his current tour including his gig Upstairs@TheGather.

Mr Cleverley said: "It was great to appear on Tom’s show and be able to describe how I came to buy a Cumbrian-crafted guitar that I now use all the time.

“The show will go out to my fans across the UK and the world with the wonderful leading-edge facilities Upstairs@TheGather in Ennerdale that allow high-quality streaming of live events."

Emma Shepherd, The Gather manager explained: “Even during lockdown our team developed the equipment and skills for live-streaming the shows, one every week for 43 weeks.

“Since Lockdown finished, we have continued to stream all of our gigs giving a new audience the opportunity to watch the concert on a live stream on YouTube.”

Live streaming has helped develop a national and international audience for the music.

Stan Varley, a regular viewer from Wichita, Kansas, USA, said: "I enjoy the musical artists you invite to play at your venue, especially when I can actually watch live.

"Unfortunately, it is again very unlikely I will be able to watch Saturday afternoon local time, so thank you in advance for keeping the show available for me to watch later. 

"Thank you for graciously keeping us in your thoughts, we definitely appreciate it."

The promoter, Peter Maher added: “That Year, Arts Council England, after a visit to The Gather gave us funding for establishing a small music venue 'Upstairs@TheGather.'

“Since then there have been regular music gigs featuring many world-class artists as well as new and emerging musicians.

“These gigs go under the self-explanatory title of 'Great Artists – Small Venue'."