A prominent martial arts instructor from Whitehaven, Chris Denwood, has helped to raise £1,500 for mental health causes via a special charity seminar.

Denwood, a sixth Dan black belt and the chief instructor at E.S.K.K Martial Arts and Fitness, a renowned karate club in the local community, was invited to Ayr last weekend to teach on behalf of the Karate for Mental Health movement.

He expressed his passion for the cause, stating: “Mental health is an increasingly pressing concern, and karate training offers an excellent way to cultivate physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

"Besides fostering a supportive community network, karate promotes a holistic balance of attributes that positively impact various aspects of everyday life.

"To me, this embodies the true essence of ‘self-defence’ and makes it a valuable activity for people of all ages.”

The Karate for Mental Health movement is a national programme divided into different regions across the UK. Regular seminars are organised throughout the year to raise awareness and support local charities.

ESKK Martial Arts and Fitness offers classes throughout the week for individuals of all ages across west Cumbria.