A ‘NUISANCE’ patient repeatedly attended hospital despite being deemed fit then refused to leave ‘because it was raining’.

Richard Ellis, 54, had attended West Cumberland Hospital on multiple occasions in the days leading up to the offence. He had been checked and discharged without any treatment, Workington Magistrates’ Court heard.

Outlining the case, prosecutor Pamela Fee said Ellis had attended the hospital again on September 23 and was seen by a medical practitioner who carried out blood tests, an electrocardiogram (ECG) and an examination. He was deemed to be fit and the test results were all fine.

Ellis then returned to the hospital twice that day. In the early hours of September 24 he saw the medical practitioner. It was decided to do an examination and an ECG.

He was then asked to leave the examination room. He refused to do so. The practitioner said she would ring the police. He laid down ‘sprawled out’ on the chairs in the waiting room and refused to leave.

Police arrived and asked him to leave. He refused and said he couldn’t because it was raining. He was then arrested for causing a nuisance in hospital premises.

The court heard that Ellis was ‘taking valuable staff time away from others who were in need’.

He was interviewed by police and admitted the offence. He said he couldn’t leave the hospital due to it raining outside. He was ‘apologetic’ and said it wouldn’t happen again.

The defendant said he attended the hospital because he had chest pains and needed to get checked over.

Ms Fee said Ellis had been dealt with by the court for a similar offence at the hospital in July.

Ellis, care of The Cumberland Hotel, Workington, pleaded guilty to causing without reasonable excuse on NHS premises a nuisance or disturbance.

John Cooper, defending, said: “I have made him aware if there is a third set of offences, there may be other orders the court can look at. He is aware if it continues, it is going to be worse next time.”

Ellis told the court: “I’m awfully sorry for what’s happened. I won’t do it again.”

Magistrates fined Ellis £40. He was ordered to pay £85 costs and a £16 victim surcharge.