LOVE at First Bite by Amber, a bespoke buttercream cake business, is creating a buzz in Cumbria with the help of TEG (The Entrepreneur Group).

Amber Shankland, the 30-year-old founder, creates a multitude of cakes and bakes and she strives 'to create the best cakes in Cumbria'.

Constantly coming up with new ideas in order to make her cakes stand out from the rest, Amber can make 'cakesicles' as wedding favours, a traybake table or an eye-catching occasion cake.

Amber's business venture started when she began making cakes for loved ones on special occasions.

As demand for her creations increased, she realised that this could be more than just a hobby.

Just before the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, Amber decided to take a leap of faith and turn her passion into a full-time business venture.

To establish her business, Amber obtained her food hygiene qualifications online and ensured her kitchen met the highest hygiene standards, gaining a 5-star rating from environmental health.

Whitehaven News: Wedding cake created by AmberWedding cake created by Amber (Image: Amber Shankland)

She also set up social media pages and reached out to wedding venues to become a trusted supplier.

Amber said: "I was working full time as a wedding planner, doing an hour and a half each way commute then baking until 3 in the morning.

"This soon became exhausting and I felt like I had no time to myself so I decided to take the leap and focus on my business full time.

"This was a scary but exciting life change as I didn’t know if I would be successful or not but thankfully, three years on, my business is still going strong."

She works tirelessly during busy periods, often pulling 15-hour days, but finds solace in the flexibility of managing her own schedule and says that "business has been going great."

Looking ahead, Amber dreams of expanding her business and having a dedicated premises to separate her work and home life.

Amber said: "I really enjoy the corporate side of my business where I make big orders for corporate events. This is consistent and a nice security blanket... I have TEG to thank for getting me some wonderful opportunities."

Whitehaven News: Amber Shankland appears on TEGTalks, the new podcast set up by TEG Amber Shankland appears on TEGTalks, the new podcast set up by TEG (Image: Amber Shankland)

Amber credits TEG for supporting her journey. She said: "I first got introduced to TEG when they started doing their entrepreneur markets in Whitehaven.

"Since participating in the monthly markets TEG have given me the opportunity to speak about my business at large corporate events, I now provide all the cakes and desserts for Energus and supply for several local cafes.

"TEG are also amazing on a personal level , not just with regards to my business. Jenny Brumby has been a huge support, confidence booster and motivator.

"She is officially my ‘work mum’.

"I can’t thank TEG enough for their help and support over the last 12 months as I’ve had an awful year in my personal life and they’ve supported me 100 per cent of the way."