WHITEHAVEN is set to welcome a new bar themed around the stock market and Wall Street in New York.

Mark Johnson and Danielle Lee, who own Club 135, have decided to broaden their business horizons and have developed the idea of a 'stock market' bar.

The concept of the bar follows that of a Wall Street company, whereby when stock is bought, prices can go up or down.

It runs off an algorithm. For example if a gin or a certain cocktail is not as popular, then its price will drop.

More popular drinks prices will rise, but Mark says it would only be 'very slightly', and the dropping prices is the 'fun part'.

The bar will also serve meals as well, which means if people want to go on a week day which has not been busy, for example, it will automatically be a cheaper meal.

Mark said: "You can get a pizza for a pound!"

Customers will be able to watch the prices fluctuate live.

Playing with a 'happy hour' idea, Mark and Danielle are also planning to do a 'market crash', where prices drop for a certain time-frame to even cheaper prices.

Whitehaven News: The business concept for the new barThe business concept for the new bar (Image: Mark Johnson)

Mark said: "We are making this place a cocktail bar for everyone, not just a group of people or a certain demographic.

"We are hoping to bring everyone together.

"We want to keep in line with the new ultra-modern bars and will be offering table service, using technology so you can order via an app.

"We will continue to show sports but our main focus is music. We will offer across-the-board music from party, RnB, chart music and older hits.

"If you are 60, we understand you won't want to go a place with techno music so we want to make it for everyone!"

The bar will also offer private parties, cocktail making classes, and bottomless brunches.

Mark said the idea developed from his time living and DJing in New York; he would witness Wall Street and wanted to create a bar idea from this.

The concept is being used in famous bars across the world, in places like Barcelona.

The pair want to branch out from the nightclub industry and develop a less intense drinking establishment.

The next steps in the businesses development will be obtaining a food permit. Mark said he took part in a chef course at the White Pepper in Dorset, one of the top chef academies in the country, and will tie this into the bar.

He said: Everyone wants a meal and a drink now, it is much more civilised.

"We need a food license and the administration side needs set up. It won't be fine dining but we will be offering really decent food, not just quick and easy."

Whitehaven News: You could even get a pizza for a pound some nights!You could even get a pizza for a pound some nights! (Image: Mark Johnson)

The town needs something that is more city like. Things need to change. I want to introduce something new to town.

"We will develop a more private structure inside where you can sit at larger booths with your own group."

The differentiating profit margins may be costly to the business but Mark said: "We realise it will cost in the short term, but we want to look at the long term.

"It is unfortunate... you have to plan in the ultra-long term, which we have noticed with the cost-of-living crisis.

"It’s a plan, it's all about fun."

Mark and Danielle will announce the location of the bar once it has been finalised.