Whitehaven RL faced off against Bradford Bulls on Sunday in what was described as a 'game of two halves.' 

The Cumbrian side got off to an excellent start but things started to go wrong for them later in the game. 

Head coach, Jonty Gorley, said: "We set off like a house on fire and were 12-0 up in no time, we got right out the blocks which was good as we haven't done this well recently. 

"There were a couple of silly mistakes and we were going into halftime at 18-10, I think 18-6 would have been a fair result at this point, bearing in mind we bombed a try at 18-6, we were off side which we should never have been. 

"We started the second half really bad, we hung on but gave them that much ball and did nothing but defend giving them so many sets. 

"At pitch side, we were lacking a bit of experience at times so they just rolled us right down the middle that was the disappointing thing, we didn't see the ball for a lot of sets and they got about three or four sets in that time. 

"We were a bit naive and that's what it was, they're a quality side and a big team, so it was what it was. 

"We don't have a game this week with it being the Challenge Cup, we need to just put it right because the last two weeks seem to have gone right through the middle of us. 

"We're actively looking to strengthen that department but up until then, we maybe won't get anybody I don't know, we just need to work harder on the training field and try to put that right about us 

"Widnes will be a strong side and no doubt they'll challenge us, so we've got to be ready for that.

"It's well documented over the last year what we've been through, and I just want to thank the fans and players for sticking by us. 

"Things have changed for the better at the club over the past week."