A Whitehaven man is doing his bit to show support for the rugby club he loves.

Whitehaven RL are currently facing some financial difficulties with players and staff all calling out to fans and the wider rugby community to help them in these trying times. 

A GoFundMe page has been set up by fans in an attempt to raise £12,000 to help the club. 

So far, since being set up earlier this week, it has been doing very well and has already raised over £7,000. 

One man, Paul Martin, wanted to get involved and will be doing a sponsored silence during Whitehaven's home game against Sheffield. 

Paul's granddaughter, Courtney Martin, said on social media: "Granda is willing to do a Sponsored Silence on Sunday, August 6, when we play Sheffield at home from the first hooter until the last. 

"If anyone would like to sponsor please see Granda or let me know.

"Every penny raised will go towards Whitehaven Rugby League 2010 on the Go Fund Me Page.

"We will also have two people sit with granda to make sure he does not speak a word."