Over the weekend Whitehaven lost their winning streak after being defeated by Keighley Cougars. 

The team traveled to Cougar Park on Sunday, June 25 but unfortunately lost the game 28-18. 

Head coach Jonty Gorley said: "It didn't go according to plan we just didn't turn up, after the past two games we've had against Sheffield and Widnes we were really good defensively, our attitude was good, we were working hard but yesterday it just didn't happen. 

"Keighley are going through a bit of a bad spell, they've lost their coach and they've had to bring a lot of people in on loan. 

"So I think our lads thought that after getting a good win against Sheffield and a good win against Widnes we'd just have to turn up but it's rugby league so that just doesn't happen.

"You've got to work hard and Keighley did yesterday but we didn't and they fully deserved the win. 

"I was disappointed with their attitude and I let them know that, rugby league is a great game because anything can happen I told them this week to not underestimate Keighley, because two weeks ago against Sheffield we were the underdog but we beat them and that happens in rugby league. 

"I've tried to get that message across because we didn't have a good attitude and that's what I'm disappointed in. 

"We were still in the game late on even though we didn't deserve to be but like of game management and being patient to build pressure meant that we just didn't end up winning."

Whitehaven will be playing again this Wednesday, June 26, this time at The LEL Arena against York Knights. 

Mr Gorley added: "If we turn up like we did we're in for a long night but I believe in the lads and I think the Keighley game was a bit of a recalibration for us that you have to work hard and if you do you get rewarded."