The Whitehaven RL board of directors issued a statement on rumours circulating about the club's financial position. 

They have confirmed that they have reviewed all of their finances and submitted to the RFL, a detailed financial forecast regarding the financial health of the club.

A spokesperson said on social media: "We make no secret that due to having our central funding cut to £40,000 from £160,000 we need our fans to keep coming through the gates.

"With reduced central funding and a lack of consistency with regards to home games, especially with the York game having to be re-arranged and the RFL deciding to put the game to the Wednesday, June 28. 

"Despite our best efforts to rearrange to a more beneficial date, we have to go with the RFL decision.

"This means more money leaving the club before any revenue can be generated to the value of the cost of an away game.

"Several fundraisers are on the go at the moment but the BoD sees non of this money provided directly to the club's cash flow status.

"Even though it is generated in the name of WRLFC we would ask all fans to support Dennis McKeown’s go fund me page which will ensure all funds come directly to the club and ensure the sustainability of the club.

"Furthermore, the home game against Barrow on a Monday night is also going affect our match day income.

"Like many clubs in the Championship, we have liabilities however we have payment plans in place to cover these and we make no secret that this is a crucial time for Whitehaven RLFC."