Whitehaven RL had another superb victory this weekend, as they took on Widnes Vikings at home. 

The west Cumbrian side took on Widnes at The LEL Arena over the weekend and came away with an impressive 36-12 victory. 

The club is delighted with yet another great result. 

Head coach Jonty Gorley said: "It was a great performance to be fair and it was good backing up the victory at Sheffield the week before. 

"I thought if we play how we did at Sheffield and then go out and don't perform again the victory will have meant nothing. 

"The lads knew that they had confidence from the Sheffield game and knew they'd be able to back it up and I thought that they certainly done that.

"We were still not out of the woods, we only had 18 again and were playing lads out of position, Jamie Doran came off just before half time so it's that adversity thing again. 

"The way they work so hard and were committed that much they deserved a victory, it marred it a bit when they got a second try towards the end I think 36-6 would have been a fairer result but they scored to make it 36-12. 

"They've worked hard and these past few weeks they've realised what it takes, something's switched on there to make them realise that they need to work hard now they've certainly done that and they've got the results for it in the past two weeks. 

"We just concentrated on making sure we're doing the right thing and not taking shortcuts, work hard for your mates, don't leave them stranded that sort of stuff. 

"We are lucky that we're all mates and that goes a long way to us getting what we want to achieve. 

"You look at teams in the Championship who pay a lot of money for players from all over the place but with us being a local team that counts a lot, they're doing it for their friends not just the money, they're doing it because they care."