This week our Trader of the Week is Haven Artisan Whitehaven. 

The store is definitely growing in popularity in our town and sells a range of unique and interesting items, that really can only be bought at the store. 

Haven Artisan is a relatively new feature to Whitehaven's town centre and it is already one of the town's most interesting shops. 

The store is owned by Lorraine and Adrian Barrett who have been trading in craft items for some time and recently decided to open a shop in Whitehaven. 

Loraine Barrett said: "We sell a whole range of handcrafted gifts and we have around sixteen crafters who rent space off us and we sell their handmade items. 

"We started ourselves during lockdown like a lot of people did and we moved to Whitehaven.

"We used to sell our own things online all the time and then we decided that we'd like a shop and to help other people out as well who make crafts. 

"The store is starting to become quite popular and more people seem to know that we're here now. 

"The shop is starting to get busier now shall we say. Our plans for the future are just to make the shop bigger and better than it is already really, we're currently in the process of changing a few things. 

"We have a lot of popular items that we sell and a lot of customers come to us for crystal jewelry, a lot of handmade plaques and candles, and things like that.

"We've recently just started a gothic bit too and we're doing quite well with that too."

More details about Haven Artisan Crafts can be found on their Facebook page which shows a wide range of the items on offer at the store. 

The shop itself is located on King Street in Whitehaven town centre.