This week our Trader of the Week is What's New, a store which has been a popular feature of Whitehaven's high street for decades. 

The shop has proved to be incredibly popular over the years and is enjoyed by both residents and visitors alike. 

Since opening four decades ago What's New has seen great success and is a familiar site for anyone walking through Whitehaven's town centre. 

Located on Lowther Street the shop is nestled right in the heart of Whitehaven. 

It sells a wide range of quality goods including jewelry and gifts and is a great place to visit if you are buying a present for a special occasion or just want to treat yourself to something that little bit different. 

Alex Graham, a partner in the business, said: "What's New sells a wide range of jewelry and gifts which can all be seen on the store's Facebook page.

"This gives customers a chance to have a look and see what's available to buy in the shop. 

Whitehaven News: Some of the jewelry on offer at the store Some of the jewelry on offer at the store (Image: Supplied)

"The shop has been running since 1983 and is a family-run business. I'd say that the shop is very popular amongst people in our local community."

What's New began its trading life four decades ago this year and was originally paired with another popular shop Framed, which was based on Roper Street. 

Both What's New and Framed are owned by the same family and both stores eventually branched out to their own separate premises over the years. 

Whilst What's New is a jewelry and gift store, Framed specializes in framings for photographs and paintings and also sells a range of artwork from both locals and artists known across the world. 

On What's New's social media pages they explain that they sell a wide selection of fine sterling silver jewelry and also jewelry that is semi-precious. 

To find out more information you can visit their pages or the store itself for further details.