LAST week saw National Dog Photography Day - a day to celebrate the ever-growing number of pooches in the UK and memorialise them in a picture.

We asked readers on our social media pages to send their favourite pictures of their companions and they didn't disappoint.

For the glorious full list please see our Facebook page - but here's a few below that caught our eye!

Whitehaven News: Missy, 'My bff', a half corgi. Missy, 'My bff', a half corgi. (Image: Kim Tattersall)


Whitehaven News: Scooby from Whitehaven Scooby from Whitehaven (Image: John Nichol)


Whitehaven News: Bella Bella (Image: Jennifer Shepheard)


Whitehaven News: Arthur and Baxter Arthur and Baxter (Image: Bet O'Meara)


Whitehaven News: Luna and Kylo Luna and Kylo (Image: Nicholette Thompson)


Whitehaven News: Bella Boo Bella Boo (Image: Niamh Rudd)


Whitehaven News: Tig and Seve Tig and Seve (Image: Dinah Masey)


Whitehaven News: Florence from Whitehaven Florence from Whitehaven (Image: John Nichol)