This week a project group centred has been showing their members how to grow their own food then prepare and cook it in a cost effective way. 

Skills 4 You, based in Cleator Moor, who offer work experience and education to those struggling to find a job; have been developing their Good Lives course. 

They have been given a piece of land at West Lakes Science Park near Whitehaven where they have built greenhouses to grow fresh, nutritious, food. 

This week their members headed up to the greenhouse to harvest the food and then see how it can be cooked in a slow cooker at a very efficient price. 

Those who attended were then given food parcels and vouchers to buy food and create their own recipes. 

Karen Jones, managing director, said: "The project that we're looking at today is Good Lives which is based at the science park. 

"A piece of land was given to us for food production; we've now dug out pathways and erected polytunnels and we've got greenhouses up there that we are growing food in. 

"The idea is that we have learners there who are planting seeds and seeing the food that they have planted. 

"The project is about food production, being kind to the environment, but mainly about giving therapeutic aid and help to our learners.

"They are able to work as part of a team and be responsible for nurturing the plants and making them grow, then harvesting the food. 

"There are a lot of benefits to this project. There are learners who go every day and make sure the plants are getting what they need."

 Olwynne Lintot, who was helping with the programme, said: "The slow cooker course is about giving people the opportunity to cook nutritious meals, cheaply, from scratch. 

"We'll be talking about the benefits and what you can and can't do with a slow cooker. 

"I'll be finding out about the people today and what they like and dislike about food and how they can prepare food for themselves and their family."

More information on Skills 4 You and the other programmes that they offer can be found on their website.