A family fear for their baby’s health as they struggle to keep him warm this winter due to a constant draught from the windows of their housing association property. 

Simon Christian, who lives on Windermere Road at Woodhouse in Whitehaven, has reported the issue to Home Group on numerous occasions but says it has “fallen on deaf ears”.

Simon and his partner Kayla’s six-month-old son Leo-Arthur, has already suffered four colds since he was brought home from hospital.  

They have had to put extra blankets on their baby and are forced to keep putting the heating on but this makes no difference due to the cold wind constantly blowing in.

Black mould is also starting to form on the windows.

Simon said: “Obviously we are struggling in this day and age so it’s really affecting not just him, but us as well. It’s really getting to both of us.

“Contractors have been out to look at the windows and said that they need replacing with them being that old but they’re just not putting their hands in their pockets. 

“Our baby shares a room with us and you can clearly see a gap in the window but they are still not budging or wanting to do anything. 

“We have thought about paying for it ourselves and sending them the bill.”

Home Group say they will now arrange to replace the affected windows as soon as possible, following an unsuccessful repair.

Louise Barkes, head of maintenance at Home Group, said: “I’m sorry to hear our customer is having an issue with their windows. 

“We sent an engineer out once we were alerted to the issue but it looks like the repair has not been successful. 

“I have today asked my team to arrange the replacement of the two affected windows as soon as possible.”
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