A WHITEHAVEN woman whose pet dog attacked a party guest during a row has been given a community order this week and our readers discussed the events in our comments.

Courtney Kirkbride, 25, admitted being the owner of a bull terrier dog called Pablo which attacked the woman while out of control during a gathering at the defendant’s home in Latrigg Road, Whitehaven, last year.

Whilst what would happen to Pablo was not disclosed, our readers shared their thoughts on the dog.

Angela said: "Poor dog, feel so sorry for it. Hope this has been looked into properly."

Lorraine commented: "Putting a dog to sleep, heartbreaking - protecting his property."

Mike said: "Dog isn't the problem, it's the person at the other end of the lead."

Ian agreed, saying: "It's often never the dog's fault but can be the owner who should control it. Feel sorry for the dog."

Marisa commented: "Pablo was defending his home, not the dog's fault so I hope he isn't destroyed."

Kimberly agreed that the dog was just defending its home, she said: "Dog defending its home!! Shouldn’t be put down."

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