A NEW community ran initiative launched this month which looks to showcase the best looking shopfronts in Whitehaven.

The newly-formed Whitehaven Tidy Town Committee, which includes the Mayor Charles Maudling, Emanuel Flecken from Copeland Council, Whitehaven Harbour Commissioner John Baker alongside a group of dedicated volunteers within their ranks, are using the platform to encourage businesses to stand up and be noticed for exemplary shop fronts which help improve the image of the town.

Each month, the committee will present the award to a business that they believe deserve plaudits.

This month, the group selected Abby Roper's newly-established cafe on King Street, Abby's Cafe.

Committee member, Lara Schwab, who also runs the volunteer group Whitehaven Ship Shapers and owns Little Whims, said: "It's so well deserved for Abby because she's made the shop front look really nice and it's nice to see and it's really lit up and made a difference to that part of King Street," she said.

Abby was thrilled to receive the award alongside a small gift from Little Whims.

"I would just like to say that I am very grateful for everyone that steps foot in the café and also to my amazing team who work so hard everyday," she said.

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