This weekend Whitehaven faced off against Workington Town in the Summer Bash at Headingley Stadium in Leeds. 

Fans were delighted with Whitehaven securing a strong victory over Town in what was an important local Derby game. 

The team came away with a score of 28-10 against Town which has secured their place in the Championship. 

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Head coach Jonty Gorley shared his thoughts on Sunday's game. Mr Gorley said: "I think be played to an average level and it was a fairly ordinary performance from us, but there was some skill and composure later. 

"I think we didn't control the ball like we should have done and gave them far too much ball and territory, the skill level wasn't very good either.

"But it just shows you where we are and where Town are now for us to not be playing very good and still securing a win, so I'll take that. 

"It's all about the two points though and that's what we came away with. It's fantastic to get a win and it came along in a derby game. 

"We finished really strong, and Andrew Bulman finished off a couple of really good opportunities, they were real world class finishes. 

"We got the occasional buzz, but I think that we let ourselves down quite a lot yesterday. 

"The season hasn't finished yet by a long shot, but this match has allowed us a bit of breathing space. 

"I think they went into the game yesterday with a bit of pressure to get a win and that showed during the performance."

Jonty explained that the atmosphere at the game was also fantastic with fans from both Whitehaven and Workington coming along to show real support for their teams. 

He also said that it was great to be able to play in a stadium like Headingley in Leeds.