A Whitehaven woman has set up a new business to promote musical events and concerts around the area. 

Amy Wright has set up her business AW Promotions & Events and is set to host her first concert this September. 

Amy's company will be hosting a concert with rock band Fury supported by Bosen and Somethin' Brewin' on Saturday, September 3 at The Solway Hall in Whitehaven. 

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Ms Wright said: "So how it started was that in 2019 I started working in PR and it's escalated from writing music articles with the Cumbria Guide to branching out and purely being on my own now. 

"AW Promotions & Events promotes Cumbria and beyond bands and artists. One side of it is social media marketing and the other side is putting on events which at the moment is just with Cumbrian venues. 

"But my long-term goal is to branch out further afield and to help promote the bands that way as well. 

"This might be a while of yet but once I get a good footing in the local area that is what I'm aspiring to do. 

"I'm working with musical artists and venues to put on concerts in the area, I specialise in rock, alt-rock and pop punk. 

"Because that's my passion of what I grew up listening too, it makes the whole process one hundred times more enjoyable as I'm specialising in what I'm good at. 

"How it stemmed from the bands perspective is that I keep in touch with them through Instagram or I'll research up and coming bands.

"It's a matter of keeping an eye on the bands who are doing really good for themselves and who look like they're going to get themselves known. 

"I usually offer a social media package but depending on what the bands are actually wanting I can tailor it to suit. 

"This is purely done through social media marketing I operate through Instagram and Twitter and also have a Spotify account as well."