A HIGHLY revered village hotel and pub situated in Beckermet is up for sale. 

The Royal Oak Hotel, on Nursery Rd, Beckermet, has been listed with an asking price of £450,000. 

Included in the price comes with it an extensive list including; a village shop; restaurant; pub; eight letting rooms; an owners two bed apartment and the recently added beer garden. 

While only taking over the business in 2020, publicans Rebecca and Joseph Richards are looking to spend a bit more of there time with their family, hence the move to selling up shop. 

"We've just got a really young family and between the family and the business, we'd like to spend more time with our family. You get phone calls from the morning till midnight, it just doesn't run too well when it comes to raising a young family. 

"That said though, the business would do really well with a couple taking charge, like a partnership were one can do the cooking and the other front of house - that's what the business needs, it maybe just needs a bit of new blood," she said. 

The shop is particularly important asset to the building as it remains the only village shop within Beckermet, offering a helping hand to locals who rely on it as the nearest supermarket is four miles away. 

The property is being listed by Sidney Phillips Ltd. 

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