On Saturday, July 23, Whitehaven will host their very own Comic Con event. 

The group who have organised the event run West Coast Cosplay, a group where the members will meet to dress up as their favourite superhero and fantasy characters. 

This is their first time hosting a big event like this and it will be modelled off the major comic conventions seen around the world, they have decided to call it Mini Con. 

Mini Con will be held in The Marchon Club and people are welcome to come along and browse the stalls filled with comics, figurines and other exciting things. 

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Darren Powe, who has helped to organise Mini Con said: "This will be the first time anything like this has happened before in Whitehaven. 

"We've held similar events in Carlisle before but since lockdown they haven't returned. 

"We host a cosplay club in Whitehaven and everyone was crying out for a comic convention, so we decided to put our own on."

Darren explains that cosplay is short for costume play and involves people getting dressed up as TV show characters or super heroes. 

He says that it is more than just fancy dress and gives people a chance to escape from the real world for a few hours, "you are not yourself, you become the person you are dressed as."

Mr Powe said: "Over the years we have attended many events including carnivals, charity events and of corse comic conventions.

"All our members volunteer there own time and as a group we do not charge to attend anything, it is purely voluntary."

The event will be on a much smaller scale which is why the organisers decided on the name Mini Con. 

The stalls will be selling lots of merchandise and we are told that the stalls will all be manned by local traders. 

There will also be cosplay competitions which are free to enter with a childrens and adults category. 

The winner will get a trophy and potentially a cash prize. An 'impossible' quiz will be held and there will be prizes for this too.