IT'S show week for the Whitehaven Theatre Group of youth performers.

The cast is the biggest the group has ever had, so Matilda is set to be a showstopper.

Their performance of Matilda is the first to be performed in west Cumbria.

The performances include all the songs from Matilda the Musical, including Miracle, School Song, Naughty and of course, Revolting Children.

The show commences on Wednesday, July 13 until Saturday, July 16 with start time being set for 7.15.

Some of the cast include Evelyn Branch playing Matilda, Jack Mellon as Miss Trunchbull and Heather Smith is set to play Miss Honey.

Whitehaven News: Behind the scenes of the Matilda productionBehind the scenes of the Matilda production

The show has had a quick turn around as they only had three months to prepare due to Covid halting their last show. During this time they had to cast the show, rehearse, sort costumes and set and lighting. However with the help and support of committee members, and the dedication of the members and their families, they have managed to pull it off.

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Emily Morton, a member of the group, said of the preparation: "We have a lot of new members this time round so it will be their first musical with us!

"This comes with lots of nerves approaching show week but it always gets overridden by excitement, and the buzz the kids get from performing each night.

"In Matilda, the younger kids play a heavy part in the musical so they have had a lot to learn in a short space of time. We are so proud of how they have managed all the difficult choreography and songs thrown at them- some of our children are as young as 7!"

Emily spoke about what is happening backstage during show week: "The atmosphere backstage is unexplainable during show week!

"It’s so lovely to see all the kids looking out for each other  I think each time we do a musical our members build a relationship closer and closer to each other - we are so grateful to have such amazing kids."

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