SITUATED in the quaint village of Gosforth, sits a picturesque bakery that's been feeding hungry mouths both in the community and passing visitors from far and wide for the past 42 years. 

Gillian Unsworth has been whisking up pies, bread, cakes and afternoon teas at Gosforth Bakery since 1980. 

The master baker started out across the road originally where the bank stood but has now found both a home and a business within the charming abode. 

"I've always been in catering, and before I started in the bakery, my parents used to have what is the Red Admiral, and when my mum and dad gave that up I needed somewhere to continue my baking and catering. 

"In January 1980, they altered the crossroads and I started making pies for the workmen for their lunch - the business all started with 13 Cornish pasties," she said. 

Whitehaven News: Gosforth BakeryGosforth Bakery

Gillian, who works alongside her daughter Rachel who takes up her role in the paperwork as well as baking, said her love for fresh baked goods stems from early childhood memories. 

"Back when I was about five, my godmother taught me how to bake biscuits and it just carried on from there really. 

"I enjoy baking and meeting some lovely people here in Gosforth, whether it be the workmen, the tourists or the locals," she said. 

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Whilst most people might struggle to work with the kin, Gillian said they both have their moments but they get on just fine. 

"All my staff have been good and loyal to me over the years," she said.

The pandemic posed some challenges to the business, however Gillian and Rachel managed to adapt and keep reminding people of their well-loved bites.

"We had to adjust, we started doing afternoon teas and delivering to households but thankfully now Sellafield is back up and running we're getting back to normality," she said. 

Thinking ahead for the future, Gillian said: "I don't plan on retiring yet, it's as much as a hobby as it is work". 

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