Lowes Court Art Gallery have announced Egremont based painter Tetiana Scott will be their featured artist for July. 

Tetiana is originally from Ukraine, but has lived in Egremont for eight years she says that she has enjoyed every minute of it. 

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A Lowes Court spokesperson said: "Regular visitors to the gallery will instantly recognise her work, which reflects the naturalistic beauty of the landscape, creating a great impression of detail via her brushwork, coupled to a harmonious sense of colour across all seasons of the year."

Ms Scott said: "The people of Cumbria are so warm and friendly, it really is a beautiful place to live. It saddens me, and I am so heartbroken to see what is happening in my own country, the Ukraine. I hope it will all end soon.

"I love to paint local scenery, landscapes/seascapes and some scenes just from imagination, using various mediums. I just hope that my work gives those who view it as much pleasure as it gives me to paint it."

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Tetiana’s work is on view at Lowes Court until Saturday, July 30.

The Gallery, on Main Street, Egremont, also stocks a wide range of locally produced arts and crafts, including paintings and photographs by other gallery artists, prints and cards, textiles, glassware, jewellery and wood.