OVER the weekend at Whitehaven harbour the town held its very first Harbour Fest, organised by Rosehill Theatre. 

There was a range of stalls, performances, street theatre and other activities to keep everyone entertained. 

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Despite a rainy start, everyone seemed thrilled to be a part of it. 

Whitehaven News: Street performers entertain crowds as lifeguards Street performers entertain crowds as lifeguards

We spoke to Dan Whitehouse, the creative director at Rosehill Theatre, as the event was beginning. He said: "It's nice to see people starting to arrive and I'm looking forward to welcoming people to the harbour side.

"I think it will go really well. We've programmed lots of great stuff so I really do hope people will enjoy themselves."

Whitehaven News: Malcom the Workington RNLI mascot Malcom the Workington RNLI mascot

People who are involved with Whitehaven and the harbour were present to see how it was all unfolding. John Baker, CEO of the Whitehaven Harbour Commissioners gave a few words.

He said: "It's great to see everyone coming out and to be able to do something down at the harbour. There's a lot of activities happening today too and it's all free for the public to enjoy.

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"We want people to know that it's their harbour and they can come down and make the most of it."

Whitehaven News: Richard Shilling creates sculptures out of sand Richard Shilling creates sculptures out of sand

Some of the attractions included a fifteen foot giant puppet, rock pool activities for children, a stall by Rosehill Theatre, Blue the dinosaur, musical performances and street theatre. 

Marc Goodwin, the town crier, said: "It's fantastic to be here today to promote Harbour Fest and to work alongside Rosehill Theatre, injecting life into our town.

Whitehaven News: Blue the dinosaur with his egg Blue the dinosaur with his egg

"It's a real vibrant day, despite the odd shower, the sun is now coming out and people are now coming into town to enjoy what's going on.

"The street theatre in particular is fantastic. I think it all enriches people's lives and brings us all together. It benefits us all as individuals reminding us why we're all here."

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Local business owner Gerard Richardson added: "It’s been another really good day for the town with plenty of people coming in and something for everyone to enjoy. Well done to Rosehill, Whitehaven Harbour Commissioners and to Whitehaven a town council who sponsored the sand sculpture. We need more events like this through the summer."

Whitehaven News: Crowds enjoy a splendid day at Harbour FestCrowds enjoy a splendid day at Harbour Fest