This week Whitehaven RL faced off against York City Knights in what was a difficult match for the team. 

The side ended the game with a heavy defeat of 40-10 in York's favour. This season has been noticably difficult for Whitehaven and they face more big challenges ahead. 

We spoke to Jonty Gorely to find out what his thoughts were on the match and Whitehaven's performance. 

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Mr Gorley said: "It went awful yesterday and we didn't play anywhere near as good enough as we should have played. 

"York are a really good side and they're third in the league for a reason, they're coached very well. But we can't start games the way we started yesterday, the first half went very badly.

"Recently we've had a good win against Dewsbury and played well against Halifax, but we didn't get any points out of the Halifax game. 

"We've had a good week at training this week but we can't go into games expecting to win because that doesn't happen at Championship level. 

"If you're not on and your attitude isn't right every single week that's what happens you get taught a lesson. 

"We came out in the second half and we did play better but we shouldn't have let York get to 30 points before we started to improve our performance. 

"If we'd started the first half it would maybe have been a different kettle of fish, I think we've got a lot of work to do.

"We gave away a cheap penalty early on and didn't see the ball for eight sets, allowing York to score two tries."

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Jonty explained that the next five fixtures will be challenging as they look to play against Batley Bulldogs this Sunday. 

Whitehaven will also be playing away at Barrow who have been a strong side recently. This match will be followed by Featherstone and then Leigh, both of which will be home games. 

Another major match will also happen this summer when Whitehaven play in the west Cumbria derby against Workington.