IT'S always a sad day when a much-loved restaurant or favourite cafe closes its doors for good.

But the memories of our favourite haunts can linger for a long time.

Here are some of the Copeland establishments that are missed by our readership.

There was an overwhelmingly popular response. "Definitely Bruno's," one reader said. "The food was delicious. Felt 'posh' waiting in the piano bar to go downstairs for food."

"Bruno's when he was on top form - marvellous," said another.

At one point in time this was one of Whitehaven's most popular eateries, serving authentic Italian food to the people of the town. Indeed, many of our readers shared their thoughts on Bruno's and why it is such a sadly missed restaurant in the town.

Another eatery from more recent memory is The Grove Court Hotel in Cleator. For years people would go to enjoy dinner and a drink at The Grove which was much loved by the people of Cleator Moor and beyond.

They also provided rooms for people visiting the local area.

The building was rather old and rich in history, as for years before it had been a school for the children of Cleator.

Another restaurant that is missed by our readers is The Waterfront, which was located at the heart of Whitehaven's marina. 

The restaurant was very popular and many people would go for meals or to enjoy a drink. The Waterfront has since became a pub, the Royal Standard, which recalls its name from years before.

Just as it was when it was The Waterfront, it is a bustling venue enjoyed by the people of Whitehaven.

Our fourth eatery that has been missed by our readers is The Brook in Cleator. It served as a pub and eatery for many years and had a strong list of regulars

Unfortunately The Brook had to close in recent years but it will be fondly remembered by those in the area.

Our final top pick of missed eateries by our readers is Ali Taj in Whitehaven. "Ali Taj in its heyday," one reader voted. The business is still making a very good trade as a takeaway but in years passed it also operated as a sit-in restaurant.

There were plenty of others. Espresso Cafe Bar, Whitehaven. The Blacksmiths at Bigrigg. The French Connection at St Bees.

The restaurants may have closed, but the experiences people had and the memories created there continue to be cherished.