A CUMBRIAN band are set to play at 'the best festival in the world' this weekend - as they take the last set of the weekend at Glastonbury.

Amid an ever-busy touring schedule, Hardwicke Circus from Carlisle will be headlining The Rabbit Hole at 3am on Monday, June 27.

The band will be closing the world renowned festival for 2022, being 'the last turkey in the shop'.

Frontman Jonny Foster said: "We are very excited, this is a huge opportunity for us.

"We are the last band on at Glastonbury 2022, we are playing at three in the morning, it's going to be a huge celebration of music, of culture and of the best music festival in the world, we are so excited for it.

"People travel from all over the globe to go to Glastonbury and we are just a band from Carlisle, we are playing all over the country. We have just put out new [material] that we have recorded here in Carlisle and the chance to play it at Glastonbury, it's such a huge platform, it's very exciting.

"It's something that we have always wanted to do as musicians and it's a huge opportunity for us to put Carlisle on the map."

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The band's tour schedule will only allow them to attend the festival for the day, but this isn't something that phases the Hardwickes.

Jonny said: "You know we're musicians, we're in this to play music, so if we are watching other people perform, we just want to play ourselves, so it might be a good thing."

The band will be playing a homecoming gig at The Old Fire Station in Carlisle on July 8 and 'really want the city to get behind them'.

Jonny said: "We're going away to Glastonbury but we want to bring it all back home to Carlisle, our songs will be played at Glastonbury, they have been played all over England, but ultimately we want to celebrate what it's all about in our home town, and this is the big summer gig - so buy your tickets now!"

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