THE COUNCIL has received a bid to build about five homes on land which currently accommodates stables.

Copeland Borough Council has received an application for planning permission to build homes at Spout House Stables, Sandwith in Whitehaven.

The area of land is already occupied by a large building used for domestic storage, a garden area used by Spout House Stables and disused grazing land.

Agent, Wright Land and Property Limited describe the desired land as “in the heart of the village” of Sandwith.

They believe that the proposed new homes would fit into the land’s surroundings as properties are located to the north, west and south with agricultural land to the east.

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In supporting statements, Wright Land and Property argue that the homes would be well connected: “The A595 which runs through Copeland can be joined 2 miles from the site and provides easy access to Workington to the north and Egremont and Sellafield to the south. Furthermore, the A595 continues north towards Carlisle.”

As it is an outline planning application, some elements of the development are yet to be revealed in a more detailed submission.

Therefore, the number of homes could change but the applicant has said the development’s scale is likely to be about five dwellings.

An early version of the layout ensures the homes have a separation distance required by the council.

The agent said: “The application site is considered well related to the existing residential developments to the west, south and north, the road network and it is considered that the development of the site in the proposed form is possible without having any adverse impact on residential amenity to the surrounding properties or the local landscape.”

The public can view and comment on all applications submitted to Copeland Borough Council for approval.

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