Lowes Court Art Gallery in Egremont have announced their featured artist for June. 

The artist will be Seascale based painter Gareth Harrison who is known for his depictions of Wasdale scenery. 

This time Gareth is concentrating on showing a selection of new works depicting the unfrequented open fells and moorlands that he has explored during lockdown.

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Mr Harrison said: "Being forced to stay relatively close to home, my spirit was drawn more and more towards the lonely fellsides above my corner of West Cumbria. I have spent many happy hours wandering places such as upper Blengdale, and as far afield as Corney Fell.

"When I stop and really look in these places, the more I see that almost comes out of nothing. The more I begin to realise how an artist can use the effects of light to knit together something tangible, rather than just focusing on painting the object."

The work will be seen on the Lowes Court monthly feature wall and will be viewable until Saturday, July 2. 

The Gallery on Main Street, Egremont, also stocks a wide range of locally produced arts and crafts, including paintings and photographs by other gallery artists, prints and cards, textiles, glassware, jewellery and wood. 

It is open Tuesday to Saturday from 10am until 1:30pm.