WHITEHAVEN News readers have shared their memories of hip hop group N-Dubz’s performance in the town after the trio announced that they will reunite at the end of the year.

Dappy, Tulisa and Fazer enjoyed years of success and have announced their return 14 years after the release of their debut album, Uncle B. Their hits include Ouch, Papa Can You Hear Me and Number 1, a chart-topping collaboration with Tinchy Stryder.

The London trio hopped out of a private helicopter to announce to fans they will reunite after a hiatus which was only meant to last two years.

They posted the video across all of their social media with snippets of a new song. The song, called Charmer, was released last week, and can be heard on Radio 1Xtra.


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The group have also announced an arena tour, visiting places like Manchester and Newcastle.

Sadly the group will not return to Whitehaven, where the last played in 2010 at the Maritime festival.

The hip-hop superstars played at Glastonbury just before their appearance in Whitehaven, but the atmosphere in Cumbria was surely superior.

2010 saw tragedy strike Cumbria including the 2010 shooting and the Keswick bus crash.

The recent tragedies at the time were not lost on the band, who changed the lyrics of 'Papa Can You Hear Me?' to 'Cumbria Can You Hear Me?'.

They also dedicated their song, No One Knows, to the memory of teenagers Chloe Walker and Kieran Goulding, who were involved in the crash.

On the Whitehaven News’ Facebook page, readers shared their memories of the performance.

Keann Langsley commented: “I was there all by my 16-year-old self and was loving life! I still have my phone case somewhere that Dappy and Fazer signed.”

Margaret Graham hopes that the group do return to Cumbria, sharing: “It would be lovely if they came back to sing their songs again for us all.”

Kate Dunsmoir and her friend Melissa Richardson had the best view in the house. Kate said: “We were first in the queue and in the front row!”

Kasey Clark also left the show with a unique piece of merchandise. She added: “I was so close to getting Tulisa’s bra when she threw it, I was gutted! I will never forget that day.”