A MOTHER and daughter business which only started in 2021 after the first lockdown has bloomed into a flowering success. 

Wreath with Envy, which is based from Marie and Gemma Hadfield's family home in High Harrington, supplies top quality handmade faux floral wreaths, hanging baskets, hatboxes, wedding and funeral flowers across the nation - and are even fully booked when it comes to the wedding season until 2024. 

"It's a pinch yourself moment when you take a booking for 2024," Marie said. 

Whitehaven News: Displays: Curated for a special day. Displays: Curated for a special day.

The duo are a perfect pairing for each other when it comes to business, with Gemma dealing with the floral arrangements and Marie dealing with social media, admin and the financial side of things. 

"Gemma always says she feels guilty because it doesn't feel like a job - the feeling you get when a bride sends professional photos and one of Gemma's bouquets are in all the photos, she always says she can't believe it," she said. 

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Currently the family are looking to get a premise for their business, with hopes of creating a bit more space around the family home.

"Behind every door there's flowers everywhere, it's a good job we enjoy it that's all I can say. 

Whitehaven News: FAMILY: Home being used as a shop front with year-round floral displays on site. FAMILY: Home being used as a shop front with year-round floral displays on site.

"It really does look like someone's died in my living room with the amount of flowers that are there - we've even had an eight foot moongate set up in the living room that I've had to watch the tele through," Marie said. 

It's not the first time the duo have worked hand in hand however, as they used to run Becky's Bakes together, but as most of the customer base was coming from the college, competition with nearby fast-food outlets as well as the pandemic, they soon realised the business would no longer be viable. 

What they have done however is brought to the business what they learned was a gap in the market. 

"We used to do a lot of wedding cakes and we'd receive flowers from florists that would never fit on a cake, at least now we can make displays suitable for that special day - the cake makers must love us now," Marie said. 

The special day suppliers make good use of social media, as well continually decorating the front of their house, to spread awareness of their brand. 

"We haven't quite progressed to TikTok, so there's been no dancing with the flower videos yet, but I'm sure [Gemma] will have her way before the end of the year," she said. 

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