AFTER last years success, the Mighty Boof returns to Whitehaven with a huge lineup.

Hundreds gathered last year to enjoy the sounds of live music after the pandemic halted festivals, and organisers of the festivals are set to deliver yet again, another great weekend.

The lineup for the festival includes hugely popular musician Miles Kane, as well as artists such as Blackgrape, Glasvegas, Little Man Tate and Reytons. Popular local groups such as The Northern Threads and Springfield join the lineup.

Whitehaven News: LINEUP: The mighty lineup for The BoofLINEUP: The mighty lineup for The Boof

We spoke with Liz Cannon, the organiser of the event and the co-owner of the Yellow Earl and asked who she was most excited about for this year:

"Definitely Miles Kane! He’s got so many great songs and an honour being able to bring someone of that elk to Whitehaven."

Liz discussed the philosophy of the festival and when asked about any changes to this years event she said:

"We always think if somethings not broken, don’t fix it so the main part of the festival will be staying the same and the main focus will be the music.

"However we have invested so much more money to bring you an even bigger and better line up!"

The festivals lineup has had an upgrade in big names this year and we asked Liz if this was a sign of the festival levelling up, she said:

"Definitely! We are looking to grow year by year so we’ve invested so much more on our line up this year to bring you a stronger line up."

"We hope to be able to do this every year to bring bigger and better names down to Whitehaven!"

The festival is due to take place at the Copeland Stadium between August 19 and 20. You can purchase tickets here.

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