IT'S not just the clippers that create a buzz at a family-run barbershop in Egremont, it's their ambition to help the community. 

The Lad Barber Egremont has been operating on the Main Street since 2015 and was at one point the only barbershop in the town. 

Whilst owner Gary Sommerville started off the business, he admits he's never cut a head of hair in his life, ensuring the plaudits of the business' success and day to day operations go to his family - Kelly Anne Kirkbride, Jacqueline Milton and Chloe Sommerville. 

Whitehaven News: SHOP: Situated on the Main Street. SHOP: Situated on the Main Street.

"It's not me, it's all my sister, niece and my mam, they do everything - it's just my idea that started it all off. 

"I want this to be around for 20 or 30 years and we've only been around seven so far. I'd hate for people to go 'remember that place, it never worked' - I want it to be 'wow that place has worked and it's still going'," he said. 

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Whilst providing top-notch trims, the business is passionate in giving back - as well as sponsoring Windscales kids teams and the Egremont Rugby League for both men and kids leagues. 

"We try do a lot of charity stuff, we've donated £1,000 to Whitehaven's Hospital Henderson Suite in the past as well as donate tracksuits to local football teams. 

"Every year we do a free day, meaning those coming in can get a free haircut and leave a donation of their choice," he said. 

Whitehaven News: TEAM: Windscales kids with training tops provided by The LadBarberTEAM: Windscales kids with training tops provided by The LadBarber

It doesn't stop there however, Gary has some big and helpful plans in mind. 

"I've been trying to think of a way so that OAP's don't have to pay for a haircut. 

"So we'll be doing a free day, with all donations and money being raised from raffles, that will be put in a pot and used for OAP's haircuts and when it runs out, we'll do it again. 

"And for the kids, what I'm trying to do is organise a boot exchange, so when kids are constantly growing and maybe it's too expensive to buy new boots constantly, if we could have people bring old boots into the shop, we'll clean them up and put them in the box - meaning anyone can come in a grab a pair that fits," he said. 

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