Cumbria has been named the third best place in the UK for agritourism.

This comes after a recent study, which resulted in Cumbria ranking in the top 10 for most of the factors analysed.

The factors that were analysed briefly comprised the number of farm stays, farm shops, country shows, events, and local walking routes.

The study was carried out by Bower Collective, a business that sells sustainable household products.

Edged out of the top two spots by Devon and North Yorkshire, placing first and second respectively, the county is home to a huge amount of hiking trails, 1432.

The county also secures the title of UK’s second-best ‘hosts’, according to the study, hosting an average of 20 rural shows and events.

Cumbria ranks as the UK’s fifth-best destination for the choice of ‘farm stays’.

Finally, the county boasts the UK’s twelfth best selection of farm shops, offering 10 locations for visitors to indulge in the best local food and drink the county has to offer.

Gill Haigh, managing director of Cumbria Tourism said: "Cumbria’s farmed cultural landscapes are central to the county, they underpin the local visitor economy so it comes as no surprise that Cumbria was listed third in the recent agritourism report as we have a host of agritourism offerings.

"Cumbria is known for its vast number of hiking trails across stunning landscapes that allow visitors to experience the great outdoors.

"We can’t forget that we have some of the highest quality farm shops, traditional farming experiences and produce that is farmed and used by Michelin star restaurants that reside in the county."

A spokesperson from Bower Collective said: "It is estimated that Brits make around 358 million day trips to the countryside every year - with most reeling from the adventure-deprived past two years, it’s no surprise that ‘no-fuss’ rural staycations are an increasingly sought out solution of making up for lost time."

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