A west Cumbrian artist and musician will be starting workshops as part of mental health awareness week. 

Emma Hunt, of Egremont, will be streaming art tutorials on her Facebook page to help people relax and escape. 

Emma is encouraging people to take some time to themselves and take care of their own mental health and wellbeing. 

The sessions will take place at 6pm on a live stream on Monday, May 9, Wednesday, May 11, and Friday, May 13. 

Miss Hunt said: "The workshops are designed to be really relaxing and easy, they're not meant to be challenging. The workshops will involve using pastels to create artwork.

"The beauty of using pastels is they're cheap and they aren't very messy. I'm able to do a one hour class really easily. By the end of it everyone should have something that they are proud of.

"I've never had anyone coming to me to tell me they feel discouraged afterwards, they always really enjoy it. You also get a sense of wellbeing, because when you are doing something creative you aren't worried. You're not thinking about all of your real life problems."

Emma says that it doesn't have to be art either, you can do anything you enjoy to help you unwind to take your mind off things, from reading a book or taking a nice bath. 

Her classes have seen a lot of interest in the past with people from all over the world attending her online workshops and enjoying the experience. 

Emma also hopes to start a campaign and encourages people to #taketimeout. Explaining ways that they unwind and find some peace. She explains that it doesn't have to be a long time you spend either, just an hour will do. 

Emma has suffered from Ehler's Danlos Syndrome since around 2007, which is a life threatening condition. She has also had problems in the past with domestic abuse which have caused her mental and physical trauma. 

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She now uses art and music as a means of therapy to help her have a happy and positive mindset.