A west Cumbrian musician is releasing music this week as part of a band project with a group of friends. 

Paul Shepherd, 22, of Egremont, has partnered with a group of friends he met at university in Salford, Manchester to release the new work. 

Paul has been writing and performing music since his early teenage years. He draws lots of his solo inspiration from alternative and indie music, however this album is centred around the little known genre shoegaze. 

He has proved popular on the music scene in west Cumbria, performing at a number of The Mighty Boof promotion events and in pubs and venues around the area. 

Mr Shepherd said: "The new EP is called 'A Stunning Display of Good Enough, there's five songs on the album and I'd say that my favourite track is New, Clear Winter. We'll be releasing the music on May 4 on You Tube it will then be available on streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music by the end of the week. 

"The music has been written between myself and my house mate Seb Swan. We've also got Seb's girlfriend involved to sing on a number of tracks and some other people. It was an idea started by Seb and I, but it's a real homegrown project with a number of our friends involved. 

"The band's called Alkalinity, we were both listening to a lot of shoegaze music at the time so this inspired us to release the EP. 

"I'm really looking forward to it, the music sounds really good and I'm pleased with how it has all come together."

Paul released his first EP during the Covid lockdown, titled Hearing Is Believing, which was a solo work. As restrictions have eased he has also been gigging around Cumbria and the Manchester area. 

He will be travelling back to Egremont in the coming weeks to work on some more music material, with plans to release it over the coming months. 

Mr Shepherd added: "I'm quite proud of this EP, it sounds great and I hope people enjoy it. I have plenty more music to come so watch this space."

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