ONE of the town's highly sought after food outlets is moving premise to the exquisite Rosehill Theatre's Green Room. 

Truly Scrumptious Of Whitehaven has been operating on King Street for the past four years however, due to the increased demand in their delectable services, much as a requisite of the pandemic, Sharon and Denver Watson have been looking to expand to a place that will allow them to "welcome more orders". 

"We just can't wait to see what comes of it - it's going to be exciting and there'll be a few months of finding out what works and what doesn't but, we're really exciting to be working with the team up there. 

"The venue will give us more space, it will be more relaxed at Rosehill, it'll even give us the chance to offer people a cuppa as they wait on their orders," Sharon said. 

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Sharon and Denver have worked together for 20 years, both hailing from private culinary backgrounds but both decided to switch it up leading them wanting to go out and do it for themselves.

"We've had such a support of lovely customers over the years, as well as support for all the changes we've made," she said. 

The husband and wife duo bring to Whitehaven a collection and delivery service of sweet and savoury home-baked goods, as well as offering buffet platters, personalised celebration cakes and potentially soon could be including pre-theatre meals as well as hosting private parties within their roster. 

Previously Sharon has been creating her innovative personalised cakes from her own personal kitchen, making the newly found home for the business all the more exciting. 

Whitehaven News: OWNER: Sharon said she always wanted to get into cake design. OWNER: Sharon said she always wanted to get into cake design.

"It's really nice as well, we get a lot of people phoning from all over the world really to ask if we can deliver afternoon teas and cakes to their loved-ones who live nearby - hopefully that continues and we can do it on a bigger scale," she said. 

Sharon said the couple will be on-site every morning and are encouraging of patrons to come face-to-face to discuss their needs when it comes to all things food.

"The Rosehill is a community space, they are really interested in lots of groups getting in touch to host community events there, it's not just for people going to the theatre - it's such a lovely space with lovely accomodating people, we should be pushing for it to get utilised" she said. 

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