This weekend, Whitehaven RL suffered another difficult defeat against Bradford Bulls. 

The team lost to the Bulls 34 points to 22, and this comes at a time when the club are experiencing some difficulty. 

Whitehaven faced some more bad news as one player, Callum Phillips, was stretchered off the field due to a knee injury. 

We spoke to Head Coach Jonty Gorley to get his thoughts on what happened on Sunday. 

Mr Gorley said: "We need to wait and see the results of Callum's scans to see how serious the scenario is but it isn't looking good. We're a better team with Callum in and he's a catalyst for how we play."

We went on to ask Jonty how he feels Whitehaven played during the game. He said: "In the second half we were getting on top and scored three tries to one. There was a point in the game when a Bradford winger made a break and it looked like he was going to score. That would have left a six point deficit with ten minutes left to play, which would've created a whole different ball game. 

"Bradford played well and completed most of their sets but they're a big side so they can't defend for long period of time. It proves that when we got equal share of the ball we were the better side, but that only came into the second half. 

"Bradford scored a try at the start of the second half and that was a 28 point deficit. It's too much to ask and it gives teams too much of a start."

Fortunately for Whitehaven, they will not have a game this weekend. Jonty explained that it could not have come and a better time and the players will get a week off to rest. 

The following weekend Whitehaven will face off against Widnes in what will be a big game for both sides. Hopefully they will be able to secure a victory.