On Sunday Whitehaven RL faced a damning defeat against York City Knights suffering a loss of 30-12. 

In their last match before this Whitehaven had secured a strong victory over local rivals Workington Town. 

We spoke to Head Coach Jonty Gorley to see what he feels went wrong in this game and how he feels the team can improve in their coming match. 

Mr Gorley said: "I didn't go according to plan, we were in with a shot at half time and we'd kept ourselves in the game. We hadn't played particularly well but we had secured twelve points. The two good ball sets we completed we got tries off but we didn't complete another four.

"We didn't build enough pressure and we weren't patient enough in that area so that was one thing that affected us. Defensively I think they were getting too many yards in each set. They got back to back tries which was disappointing, if you concede a try your next defense has got to be really good but they got the try which I was gutted about. 

"I felt like if we addressed these two things we were still in with a shot as we were only six points down. We planned what we needed to do at half time but it just went the complete opposite way, York got another two tries and it just took the game away from us. After that though we went set to set with them and there wasn't another point scored after the sixty minute mark."

Jonty says that he wants the team to not invite rival players through allowing them to score tries. He hopes to improve Whitehaven's defensive efforts but says it is a struggle to get defensive training sessions into the team's schedule. 

Whitehaven will play again this weekend at The LEL Arena against Bradford Bulls. Jonty explained that the Bulls form can be up or down and he hopes to get a strong team put out to face them. 

He explains that it will be a tough game and he will see what players he has available this week to optimise their winning chances.