PLANS have been submitted to the borough council which, if approved, would mean the installation of solar panels at a Copeland golf club.

Copeland Borough Council has received an application for planning permission to install 150 solar panels at Seascale Golf Club.

The works would be phase one of a wider scheme designed to curb rapidly rising energy costs.

A further 23 will be installed in phase two after the club gains experience of operating solar power.

In their supporting statements accompanying the application, a spokesperson for Seascale Golf Club said: "After detailed and helpful consultation with the CBC planning department, Seascale Golf Club would like to submit the following application to increase the future sustainability of a valuable local community asset."

Explaining the motivation behind the installation of solar, they said: "Recent increases in the cost of living are reflected in the financial position of the club which is tackling two of its main cost items – energy and water – by seeking sustainable solutions.

"On energy, like most of the population, the club faces a more than doubling of its electricity costs with the annual bill set to rise from £15,000 to £35,000. Finding a sustainable alternative supply therefore became essential and urgent in maintaining a viable operation."

In this respect, the club believes it is making the same tough choices as governments and communities due to the “precarious nature of the global energy market.”

Panels installed on the club’s shed roofs will be fed back to its welfare facility.

If approved, the plans could mean the survival of a sports club that has around 500 members.

And the club believe they will have a minimal impact on the environment and surrounding area.

“We believe the panels will blend in well, be likely to improve the appearance of the roofs and be a visible demonstration of Seascale Golf Club’s journey to a more green, sustainable future.”

The public can view and comment on all applications submitted to the council for approval.

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