This week has been a great week for Whitehaven RL as they faced off against Workington Town in the west Cumbrian derby. 

Whitehaven secured a decent victory of 22-14 gaining them another two points in the league. 

We spoke to Head Coach Jonty Gorley to get his thoughts on the weekend's game. 

Mr Gorley said: "The game went the way I wanted it to go which was two points at 9pm on Sunday night. I think the way both teams have been going I've got to be happy with that as we haven't had strong form ourselves recently. 

"I think we really stuck in, it was a difficult Derby match, it was a tough game with a few mistakes and some good rugby playing. There was some really good defence too and I just think we got there in the end because we made fewer mistakes in the second half. 

"We needed to get a win no matter who we were playing against because three or four results haven't went our way recently, two of those in the cup and two in the league. So we really needed those two points to help us out in the league. 

"I think the team really dug into the game and once we got the upper hand in the second half we were lucky to get the result that we did."

Jonty went onto explain that he was delighted with the turnout. With the game being later than usual and being broadcast on TV he hadn't expected the turnout that the arena got on Sunday night. 

The fans all seemed to really get involved and their was an electrifying atmosphere at The LEL Arena. Jonty hopes that this will do a lot to boost the confidence of the rugby community in Whitehaven. 

This weekend Whitehaven RL will play against York City Knights at the LNER Community Stadium. Let's hope Whitehaven can secure yet another strong win.