THE hit Netflix period drama Bridgterton has been applauded for its inclusion and diversity in season two. 

The hit show has just broken the single-week record for most viewed English language tv series – that’s 251.74 million hours viewed for the week following its release.

Talking about the hit show and how it is paving the way for the TV and streaming industry to become my inclusive, Anti Racism Cumbria said: "Not only is it pure escapism and visually sensational, it’s also incredibly refreshing to see Regency-era characters that represent racial and cultural inclusion without being colourblind."

Anti Racist Cumbria trustee Zainab Houghton said: “As a woman of Asian heritage, I felt so proud seeing these two gorgeous young Brown women taking on these leading roles in a ‘Hollywood’ capacity, where Asians are so stereotyped.

"The attention to detail that was taken was truly heartwarming, from the sister being called “didi” which is a respected way of addressing an older sister, to the Haldi ceremony before the wedding, the fact that she made herself a Chai because she disliked English tea, to one of the most famous and much-loved songs that the Asian community swear by being used.

"It made me so proud that this was acknowledged albeit it was mainstream traditions, but still. Growing up, Asian women on the telly, for me were always weak and subservient, so it was incredible seeing a woman who challenged the White man. Young, Brown girls will see themselves and not just in the ‘Bollywood’ capacity.”